About Taro Restaurants

Taro In 1978, Mr. Taro first came to London from Kumamoto in the South of Japan. While wandering among the crowds in London and exploring his new environment he had an ambition to open a Japanese Restaurant of his own. Over twenty years later, he opened Taro 1 in Brewer Street on 10th September 1999. After three years of success, he opened Taro 2 in Old Compton Street on 11th December 2002. In 2012, he has opened Taro 3 (Take Away Restaurant) in Cannon Street.

Taro’s dishes are very popular daily meals in Japan. ‘Don’ (Donburi) is a meal based on rice, which has lots of variations. It is a very popular meal for Japanese hard-working businessmen. ‘Ramen’ is noodle in soup, and is now a national food in Japan. Mr. Taro used to enjoy it regularly during his youth. ‘Sushi’ is, needless to say, Authentic Japanese Food. And the name itself ‘TARO Restaurant’ is a 大衆食 堂, TaishÙ shokudò’ in Japanese, also means an everyday dining room in Japan.


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